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free great blackberry application the list

Who is not familiar with the Blackberry?   Blackberry was developed by a company called RIM (Research In Motion). Actually, the reason for launching this multi-purpose device is to provide a new twist to professional life. Blackberry comes up with the principle of sending and receiving email in an easy way. Genggam phone brings Internet into your hands. And now they upgrade to the latest technologies and software features.

Blackberry application that is available it can be daunting for some users to conclude the application terbaik. The penggunaBlackberry may have enjoyed some of the applications provided, the following list of 30 Blackberry apps based on research conducted by Honeytechblog:

A. BBNotePad
This application acts as a text editor. You can write applications for the full length of the document or code.

2. BeeTag
You can use 2-D barcode scanner to scan the barcode on a product or brand advertising. After scanning, the application will provide you with product information, text and URL information for certain products.

3. Amazon application
This application allows you to shop for daily needs of the Amazon. Immediately after you place your order at the Amazon app, your application is processed from Amazon, AOS secure server.

4. BlackBerry Messenger
Mobile application is useful to keep in touch with your friends using BlackBerry mobiles. INIA applications using the BlackBerry OS, AOS PIN to send messages to friends and relatives. You do not even charge your cell phone provider to send text messages.

5. Boopsie
This mobile application searches your data in seconds. You can use this application to search for data or articles from various web sites such as IMDB, Wikipedia and Amazon.

6. Facebook
Indicates a facebook status update. Use this application to send a message or leave a comment. Facebook users can get many benefits by this application even further away from their PC.

7. Mobipocket Reader
You can read e-book titles and also download books on your mobile phone. Mobipocket Reader supports. Mobi format.

8. Capture It
Take photos of BlackBerry applications, AOS screen and then save it to JPG format fil.

9. ISkoot
You can use this application to send and receive voice calls to and from Skype users. The application offers instant messaging functionality to its users.

10. Viigo
This application allows users to view news, audio clips, stock and currency data, weather and more. Dengan this application you can also mengetahui sports scores. You can easily download this application from your Blackberry browser.

11. Google Maps
Using this application to find the right direction, see the site and watch the traffic. You can also use this application to get maps in satellite view.

12. Beyond 411
You can use this application to search for business listings and knows about the direction of travel. Beyond 411 gives the right direction on a variety of locations.

13. Fast Food Finder
Use the phone, AOS GPS to find the nearest fast food chains. Fast Food Finder provides a map and give the address and direction of the fast together.

14. Caffeine Finder
If you want to drink coffee, then you can use the application and find out the nearest coffee shop or cafe. Coffee lovers can benefit from the use of this application.

15. Pandora Mobile
You can use this application to assess the track. You can easily listen to your favorite songs and wanted to get it while working or traveling. This is one of the entertainment applications.

16. Neosistec CarFinder
If you forget the exact location where you parked your car, then you can use the CarFinder, AOS simple menu and mark the location of your car via Blackberry, GPS AOS. If you want to find out your car, then open the app and will guide you through the compass.

17. Qik Mobile
You can use the application to stream video online from your Blackberry device.

18. Palringo
The application supports AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo. Use the application to chat with other Palringo users.

19. Blackberry AppWorld
You can access many other Blackberry applications through this application. It is about the various applications of ponsel Blackberry.

20. Bolt Browser
BlackBerry Web browser is slow, you can use this application to make it faster. Internet speed is a necessity to use a browser or check e-mail.

21. Gmail Client
Application that allows you to send e mail and filing. Using Gmail are using Gmail dariponsel common but can be easily and generally after using Gmail client application. Your easy and smart way to access the mail!

22. Tiny Twitter
Application to stay updated tstatus / your tweets on Twitter. Twitter users can keep in touch with their friends online.

23. Talklock
In accordance with the requirements, application lock and unlock your BlackBerry device. It is just to keep you safe. You can block or allow according to your wishes.

24. Where to BlackBerry
You can use this application to connect with businesses such as gas price checking and more. This is one of the company's application to determine the current prices around the world.

25. PocketMac for BlackBerry
applications menunjukkan alamat book calendar and notes between your BlackBerry and Mac. You can easily remember the date of my friends birthday using this application.

26. Google Latitude
Berbagi application to your current location. You can tell your friends know about your location or application software.

27. GridMagic Community Edition
Applications that used of the calculation. All kinds of mathematical calculations that may be using the application of Blackberry phones. You can finish out the calculation of the length or smaller using this application.

28. Jaikuberry
This application is used to share blog posts with your friends. Well,  SEO peminat employees will love this application and you may also call this a smart membeliponsel Blackberry. You can see other blog post.

29. Stock Viewer
BlackBerry app tells you about the stock. If you run the stock market then you can easily get an update on the list of stocks sit anywhere. Monday to Friday, you can easily get the look of the stock list.

30. Poynt
This search application is used to locate a business, list of movie film fund. The best applications for professional use and entertainment. This is one amazing app Blackberry smart dariponsel.

list if free blackberry application

list if free blackberry application :

- AddOnis
- BerryBuzz 2.x
- BerryWeather 1.x
- BerryPopup
- BerrySilent
- BerrScroll (Strom)
- Smart Alert
- Blink
- FancyChar 2.x
- Meter Berry
- Intellilauncher
- QuickLauch
- QuickPull Pro v3
- TiggitMail
- ProfilerPro v1
- Fake Call v2
- Wifi File Transfer
- Safe Box 0.0.3
- Tiny alarm
- Camera ToGo 0.3

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